Issue 1 – 2009

Board Member Helps Save Local Institution
Michelle Powers played a key role in forming a partnership between a struggling community child care program and The Village Family Service Center.

Best Practices in Strategic Planning
Annual interviews with organizational stakeholders provide St. Aemilian-Lakeside with valuable performance feedback, engage the board, and promote quality improvement.

The Strategic Value of Economic Clarity
Resource-allocation decisions are one of the most powerful levers boards can apply to achieve organizational goals, but only if the organization has an understanding of true costs.

Fall 2008

Civic Engagement and Your Board
Linda S. Campbell explains why nonprofit boards need to strategically embrace civic engagement.

What Makes an Effective Board, Board Member?
Carol Berde offers advice that’s rooted in decades of experience working closely with and serving on boards of directors.

Ready, Set, Recruit
Many nonprofits are plagued by lack of board member engagement in their key stewardship responsibilities. Challenges recruiting new members may be one of the reasons why.


Summer 2008


Welcome to the Nonprofit Director
Learn more about the launch of the Alliance for Children and Families' new publication and website.

Test Your Knowledge of Nonprofit Finances
Be prepared for surprises.

He Helped Bring Two Nonprofits to the Table
David Hetzler, a member of both the Alliance for Children and Families and United Neighborhood Centers of America boards of directors, shares lessons from his board experience.

A Window into the Future
The Alliance's Severson Center helps members keep up-to-date about nonprofit trends.

Solution to Democracy Crisis
Rockefeller Brothers Fund leader encourages greater civic engagement among nonprofits.