New Content: Issue 1 – 2011

Boards Aren’t Hypothetical Constructs
An alternative approach for board recruitment suggests that organizations should stop developing lists of the skills, professions, and personal traits they seek in potential board members.

Assessment, Development, and the Board
Structured introspection is an essential tool of board governance. To make these performance assessments more productive, boards also should design and implement both a board development plan and development plans for each director.

Expectations Never in Question
Board chair of Alliance member Berea Children’s Home and Family Services, Berea, Ohio, explains why the path to effective board governance starts with clearly articulated expectations.


Issue 4 – 2010

Best Defense is a Good Offense
As an organization’s legal and fiscal stewards, board directors must stay attuned to issues surrounding tax-exempt thatus and new municpal fees.

Four Horsemen of Agency Success
Nonprofit human service organizations should center their infrastructure development on buildings, equipment, staff, and succession planning.

Empowering Individuals Empowers a Community
Alliance Civic Engagement Steering Committee member Carlette Daniels not only believes that empowering individuals can empower a community—she’s living proof that it’s true.



Issue 3 – 2010

Death by a Thousand Cuts in Government Funds
Years of chronic underfunding and expliotation are taking a toll on nonprofit human service organizations that provide government contracted services. How did the sector get to this point, and what strategies can reverse the trend?

Building Strategic Results
The Alliance Board Chair/CEO Institute helps member agency board chairs and CEOs create foundations for organizational success.

Through a Different Lens
Rich life experiences shape one man's contributions to the Alliance Board of Directors and the board of Alliance member Family Service Association, Egg Harbor Township, N.J.


Issue 2 – 2010

Refocusing: Clarity Brings Extraordinary Growth
Strategic planning not only helped Alliance member The Family Conservancy refocus its programs and services, but also led to a 63 percent increase in the organization’s operating budget.

Carefully Constructed Plan Plays out Perfectly
By the time he was 23, Rudolph A. Johnson III already had a personal strategy for making a difference in his community: he would create impact through board service.

How Money is Killing Nonprofits
Deeply problematic government funding practices are killing many organizations. Learn how to approach and manage the issue of “mission derailment.”