Board Recruitment Resources

Alliance for Children and Families and United Neighborhood Centers of America members have access to a variety of resources to help with board recruitment:

  • Alliance Severson Center. The Alliance Severson Center connects members to a variety of resources related to board recruitment. In particular, its DocuShare database includes several useful articles, including “Matchmaker Make Me a Match” by Maureen Robinson, “Board Recruitment: By Design or by Default?” by Jannice Moore, and many others that can be found using the site’s search features. 
  • Nonprofit Director Online. Linking Mission and Money in Issue 4 – 2009 reviews whether the philanthropic culture of a nonprofit human service organization impacts the effectiveness of its board governance.
  • Fund Development Columns. Alliance for Children & Families Magazine columnist Bob Jones, president and CEO of Alliance member Children’s Aid and Family Services, Paramus, N.J., often writes about the role board members play in fund development. Read “Empowering Board Members to tell Your Agency’s Story” from Issue 3 – 2009 and “Development Basics to Survive Tough Times” in Issue 4 – 2009.